~ What Al-Balaagh Stands for: OUR BELIEFS ~

• AL-BALAAGH disseminates Quaranic ideology an the TRUE sunnah Rasoolullah (S),unpopulated by fairy tales.

• AL-BALAAGH is am implacable enemy of Capitalism, Communism, Bahaism, Qadianism, Ahmedism, Mullaism and any other “ism’s” that is at variance with the Quran.

• AL-BALAAGH will NEVER compromise its Quranic Principles and will continue undaunted to tell the TRUTH – no matter if some people are seized with
apologetic fit!

• AL-BALAAGH is non-sectarian and strives towards UNITY OF THE UMMAH through the destruction of fondly cherished idols and the extirpation of all
those elements that not only divide the Ummah, but also stand as a barrier between the Quran and the Ummah.

• AL-BALAAGH believes Heart and Soul in every SINGLE HADITH of Rasoolullah (S) that accords perfectly with the Holy Quran , but rejects outright
any so called Hadith that humiliates. degrades and detracts from the dignity of the Holy Prophet (S), the Azwaaj-e-Mutahharaat (Holy wives of the Prophet Nabi)
and the pious companions (Sahaba) of the Rasool (S)

• AL-BALAAGH caters for the intellectual needs of the Youth (University students, high school, trainee teachers etc) who are caught between the cross-fire of
so called “orthodoxy” and the Modern Age and will present Islam to them in one and only TRUE perspective – the QURANIC perspective.

• AL-BALAAGH stands firmly by the 5 pillars of Islam and implicitly believes in the finality of the Prophet hood of Mohammed (S), who was the LAST Messenger to Mankind.

NO Prophet is now going to come after him!